Lyno meets Mattermost - A plugin which fully integrates voice rooms

In the age of information and communication technology, the choice of the right tooling is one of the essential aspects to consider when facing the challenges this time brings upon. There is no silver bullet, and the choice has to be adapted for each team and work environment.

Lyno meets Mattermost - A plugin which fully integrates voice rooms

Fortunately, with modern concepts, emerging technologies and specialized tools, we now can boast of a rich pool of options to choose from, voice channels being one of the technologies which recently gained a lot of attention in the business sector. Notably, the combination of proven solutions and innovative newcomers can result in significant power. These were exactly our thoughts when we started to develop a Solyd plugin for Mattermost.

Mattermost and Solyd share the vision of empowering teams to achieve their goals through modern communication. While Mattermost focuses on asynchronous collaboration by providing features like text messaging and file sharing, Solyd's domain is spontaneous synchronous communication via voice and video communication.

But how exactly do these two tools work and how can they make a dream-team?


Mattermost is a high-trust, open-source collaboration platform built for developers.

Teams can create channels, public and private conversations, share files and search for valuable content. You can even use Mattermost across devices like mobile and desktop, and the data unification is taken care of by the tool. These and many other features make it an excellent platform for managing collaboration in- and between teams.

Since Mattermost is open-source, it rules out any possible lock-in and taps into the massive power of open-source contribution while at the same time guaranteeing transparency and high levels of security. Furthermore, the ability of self-hosting Mattermost gives full control over your data and the infrastructure used.


Solyd is a lightweight, real-time communication tool built for agile teams.

Simply said, Solyd enables remote teams to collaborate as if they were on site. The core feature is what we call virtual rooms, which serve as a projection of a real office into the digital world. A virtual room is similar to an open space office in the real world; you can see who is currently present, who is talking to whom and join conversations. There is no need for a random call or schedule an appointment for a meeting.

The transition from on-site to become fully remote and therefore, not seeing your team regularly requires a new, more spontaneous communication method to keep a team dynamic and flexible. Virtual rooms and voice channels combined are a field-tested solution that is widely common in the gaming scene. We believe that the concept of open virtual rooms to communicate with your colleagues brightens the team spirit by encouraging social interaction and exchange.

Solyd Mattermost Plugin

While Solyd establishes a virtual presence for each team member and enables spontaneous voice and video communication in virtual rooms, we believe that this is only one part of the solution. Asynchronous collaboration like text messages or file sharing - which Mattermost provides - is another essential part.

Consequently, both forms of communication are essential for a productive and healthy work environment. This is why the combination of Solyd and Mattermost creates a powerful symbiosis that covers all crucial parts a remote team needs to flourish. Solyd's plugin for Mattermost provides a direct integration of voice channels into Mattermost, enabling you to see what your team is up to, who works with whom and motivate you to join into conversations with your colleagues whenever you like.

We are excited to see our plugin in action soon. We are confident that the thriving community of Mattermost will enjoy the open and spontaneous exchange solyd provides for the team.

A virtual office for your team

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