See your team and their work

Seeing your colleagues strengthens the sense of belonging to the team and helps to get to know each other. With a single click you can start a video conversation and talk to your teammates face to face. With the same ease you can share your screen to empower your conversation with visual context.

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A abstract representation of solyd's video UI
A man and a woman talking face to face in an office

Face to Face was never this easy

Multiple Participants

One to one video calls are nice but seeing your whole team at once is what really counts in a remote environment, therefore we provide up to 50 simultaneous video streams per room.

No Context Change

You don’t need to set up a meeting or change to a different view to start a video call, simply enable your camera or share your screen in the room you are and the video call starts.

See your whole team

You don’t have to choose who to see from your team, every member of a room with an enabled camera is visible at the same time.

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Discuss with your colleagues

  • Share your screen with your team
  • Easily switch between different shared screens
A man and a woman sitting in front of a notebook

Screen Sharing and Video by solyd

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