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The core feature of solyd are virtual rooms which serve as a projection of a real office into the digital world. A virtual room is like an open space office in the real world, you can see who is currently present who is talking to whom and join a conversation.
No need for a random call or scheduling an appointment just see who is there and talk immediately to your team with a single click.

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Save time on your communication

See who is Available

See the availability of your colleagues in real time and get the dynamic back you usually miss out in remote teams.

No obstacles

Only a single click is needed to join a conversation. Stop wasting your time finding an appointment or calling without response.


If you need to have a conversation with only a fraction of your team you can create a new room as you go.

Private rooms

By default all rooms are free to join by all of your your team members. If you need some privacy simply create a private room where you have full control over who can join.

Focus time (coming soon)

Sometimes you want to work without distraction, we got you covered. Your colleagues will see you are in focus mode and can only ask for a conversation with three different urgency levels.

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Benefits of solyd’s virtual rooms

  • Be visible to your team
  • Less misunderstandings
  • Enhanced team bonding
  • More conversations in your teams and across departments
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Virtual Rooms by solyd

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